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All types of criminal charges should be taken very seriously, since a conviction can result in multiple types of penalties, and a criminal record may affect a person's ability to obtain employment, education, housing, or loans. Because of these issues, parents and families will want to determine the best course of action when a minor is accused of committing a criminal offense or violation. In cases involving minors, it is crucial for a person to be represented by a criminal defense attorney who has experience in California's juvenile courts.

At Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C., our lawyers understand the consequences that children can face when they are accused of committing crimes. We know how these cases can affect a minor's criminal record and their future, and we are dedicated to helping families resolve these issues successfully. We work to ensure that children will be able to move forward with their lives and avoid ongoing consequences that could have an impact on their ability to pursue their goals.

Representation in Juvenile Courts

Juvenile criminal cases are handled differently than those heard in adult courts. While adults who are convicted of crimes will face penalties designed to punish them for violating the law, the juvenile justice system is focused on rehabilitation, with officials working to ensure that minors will be able to become productive citizens and avoid criminal activity in the future.

In a California juvenile case, a prosecutor will file a petition accusing the child of committing a criminal offense or another type of violation, such as failing to attend school. A detention hearing will be held to determine whether the child should be held in juvenile detention during their case, and other types of hearings may also be necessary. In some cases, a prosecutor may agree to allow a child to complete informal probation without filing a petition.

Instead of a criminal trial, a jurisdiction hearing will be held where a judge will hear evidence and determine whether the child committed the offense. If the judge determines that the child is guilty of the alleged offense, the prosecutor's petition will be sustained, and a disposition hearing will be held where the judge will decide what penalties the child will face.

The penalties imposed by a judge will depend on factors such as the seriousness of the offense, whether the child has a previous record of delinquency, and the attitudes of the child and their parents or guardians regarding the alleged offense. A judge may allow a child to be placed on informal probation, and the charge may be dismissed after probation is completed. A sentence of formal probation may be issued, and probation may be completed at home, or the child may be required to stay at a relative's home, a group home, or a probation camp. During a period of probation, other sanctions may also be imposed, such as requiring the child to pay restitution, complete community service, or receive counseling.

In more serious cases, a child may be committed to a Division of Juvenile Justice correctional facility for a certain amount of time. For minors who are at least 16 years old, certain types of offenses may cause them to be tried as an adult. These include state crimes such as robbery, arson, homicide or attempted homicide, and forcible sexual assault.

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Juvenile criminal charges can affect the life of a minor in many ways. In addition to facing multiple types of penalties, a child may have a criminal record that could affect their ability to pursue education or obtain employment. Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. can provide a skilled defense for minors who have been accused of violating the law, and we can also work to ensure that juvenile offenses are sealed, protecting against permanent consequences. To get legal help with defense against juvenile crimes, contact us at 818-242-8201 and arrange a complimentary consultation with our attorneys. We assist with juvenile cases in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, including Hollywood, Riverside County, Burbank, Pacoima, Encino, Ventura County, North Hollywood, and Glendale.

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