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Common Dog Bite Injuries in Southern California 

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Glendale Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Dog bites can result in severe injuries, both physical and emotional, and Southern California is no exception to this unfortunate reality. With its warm climate and outdoor activities, the region sees its fair share of dog-related incidents. If a dog has bitten you, you may wonder what rights you have and what can be done about your injuries. Consider picking up a phone and calling an attorney in California. You may be eligible for compensation related to your injuries. 

Physical Injuries from Dog Bites

  • Deep tissue and nerve damage – Dog bites can cause deep tissue damage, leading to lacerations, puncture wounds, and torn muscles. Additionally, the force exerted during a bite can result in nerve damage, causing numbness, tingling, or loss of sensation in the affected area. 


Los Angeles Car Accident LawyerIn scenic Southern California, rear-end car accidents are an all too common occurrence, frequently leading to vehicle damage, driver injury, and even fatalities. While many may consider rear-end accidents to be harmless or low risk of serious injury kind of accident, this form of car accident should not be underestimated. If you are suffering from injuries sustained in a rear-end car collision, contact a lawyer in California right away. Pursuing compensation may be worth your while.

Three Primary Causes of Rear-End Car Accidents

Here are the three causes of rear-end accidents, including:

  1. Tailgating – A bad driving practice, tailgating, or following too closely, is a prevalent cause of all forms of car accidents, especially rear-end accidents. With the region's busy highways and frequently congested roads, drivers often feel the need to maintain a fast pace. This can lead to inadequate following distances, leaving little room for reaction time if the vehicle in front suddenly slows down or stops. The results are a rear-end collision, causing property damage and potential injuries.


Can a Minor Accident Cause Major Injuries?

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LA County Personal Injury LawyerIt is a common misconception that only high-impact accidents can lead to significant injuries. However, even seemingly minor accidents can result in major injuries. For example, if you experienced a car accident that was relatively minor but now you are suffering from significant injuries, it is essential you contact a lawyer right away. No matter how serious your injuries are and your situation, a qualified legal professional in California can make a huge difference in successfully pursuing all compensation that may be owed to you. 

Understanding the Role of Physics in Accidents

In a low-impact collision, the force of the impact may be minimal, but the way the body reacts to that force can still cause severe injuries. Factors like the position of the body at the time of impact, the direction of the force, and the vulnerability of certain body parts can all contribute to the severity of injuries. Even if the vehicles involved in the accident show little to no damage, the human body is far more susceptible to injury due to its skeletal structure and vulnerability to sudden forces.

Delayed Onset of Symptoms

Sometimes, the symptoms of injuries sustained in a low-impact accident may not immediately manifest. Soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash or muscle strains, can take hours or even days to become readily apparent. This delayed onset of symptoms can lead to a false sense of security, causing people to dismiss their injuries as minor. However, it is important to remember that the absence of immediate symptoms does not guarantee the absence of serious injuries.


Los Angeles Wrongful Death LawyerLosing a loved one is a heartbreaking experience, regardless of the circumstances. However, the situation can be even more painful when the cause of their death involves negligent or intentional actions. California law stipulates wrongful death cases must be brought within two years. In such cases, the law allows the deceased person’s family to seek compensation for their loved one’s lost future income. If you are interested in pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, you should strongly consider hiring a lawyer. It may be argued that this is the only way to ensure someone else looks after your rights and interests.

Unpacking What Wrongful Death Means

For someone’s passing to be considered wrongful, the cause of their death must come from the wrongful act or neglect by another person or entity. In California, the surviving family members of the deceased person’s estate have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation for the damages they have suffered because of the loss. 

Compensation for Lost Future Income

One significant aspect of wrongful death cases is calculating the compensation for lost future income. In this context, lost future income refers to the financial support the deceased person would have provided to their family had they not been wrongfully killed. Earnings, benefits, and other financial contributions the deceased person would have made over their working years are also considered. 


Glendale Car Crash LawyerPedestrian accidents are a significant concern in today’s bustling society. While several factors contribute to these unfortunate incidents, driver negligence remains a leading cause. If you have been injured as a pedestrian because of a motor vehicle, strongly consider contacting an experienced lawyer to assist you in pursuing a California injury claim. Your attorney will understand the relationship between driver negligence and pedestrian accidents, ensuring your rights are protected for the entirety of your case.

Defining Driver Negligence 

This essentially refers to any action or behavior exhibited by a driver that deviates from the duty of care owed to others on the road, including pedestrians. Driver negligence can manifest itself in many forms, such as:

  • Driving distracted – When the driver of a car engages in any activities that take their attention away from the road, such as texting, shaving while driving, taking a phone call, talking with passengers, or adjusting the radio, they become less aware of their surroundings. This lack of attention can result in failing to notice pedestrians and potentially causing accidents. 


Why Do Bus Accidents Occur in Los Angeles?

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Glendale Bus Crash Injury LawyerBus accidents can be devastating, causing severe injuries and even fatalities. Los Angeles, known for its bustling traffic and extensive public transportation system, experiences its fair share of bus accidents for various reasons. If you have suffered an injury on a bus in Los Angeles, contact an experienced lawyer for the legal guidance you need to pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled. 

Four Reasons Bus Accidents Happen in Los Angeles

  1. Negligence – One of the primary causes of bus accidents in Los Angeles is negligence, which can occur at various levels. This includes the negligence of bus drivers, who may be fatigued, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Negligence can also be attributed to bus companies that fail to maintain their vehicles or provide adequate driver training properly. Please keep in mind that if a person is injured and wishes to pursue compensation in California, it must first be determined whether a private company or a government organization operated the bussing company. In cases where a government organization operated the bus, individuals must follow procedures detailed in the California Tort Claims Act, which dictates that civil lawsuits against government organizations must take place within six months of the injury taking place. 

  2. Distracted driving – With the increasing prevalence of smartphones and other electronic devices, distracted driving has become a significant concern. Bus drivers might be tempted to use their phones or engage in other distracting activities while operating the vehicle, leading to a higher risk of accidents.


Glendale Personal Injury LawyerSlip-and-fall accidents often occur in various locations, but restaurants are particularly prone to such incidents due to the presence of various potential hazards. These accidents can result in serious injuries, leaving people with physical pain, emotional distress, and financial burdens. If you have experienced a slip-and-fall injury in a restaurant, contact an experienced lawyer to obtain the legal assistance you need to pursue a premises liability claim during this difficult time. California law maintains a two-year statute of limitations for slip-and-fall injuries. As a result, injured people should not wait to file a claim, as waiting too long may disqualify them from seeking compensation.

Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Restaurants 

  1. Damp floors – One of the leading causes of slip-and-fall accidents in restaurants is slippery floors. Spills, leaks, and improper cleaning can create hazardous conditions, especially in high-traffic areas such as dining areas, restrooms, and kitchen spaces. Failure to promptly clean up spills or provide adequate warning signs can increase the risk of accidents. Regular inspections, prompt clean-up procedures, and the use of non-slip flooring materials can help prevent such accidents.

  2. Uneven or damaged flooring – These risk factors are common in many restaurants' slip-and-fall cases. Cracked tiles and uneven surfaces can lead to trips and falls. Frequent inspections, timely repairs, and proper flooring maintenance can help mitigate this hazard. Additionally, using slip-resistant mats in areas prone to spills or heavy foot traffic can provide an extra layer of protection. 


CA injury lawyerAs the sun shines brightly upon Los Angeles County, residents eagerly embrace the warm weather by heading outdoors with their four-legged companions. However, with the arrival of summer comes a concerning trend – research shows an increase in dog bites. The rising temperatures and heightened outdoor activities may contribute to a surge in dog-related injuries. In this blog, we will explore your rights after a dog bite, the laws in place, and the penalties that dog owners may face.

Why Do Dog Bites Spike During Hot Temperatures?

Summer encourages more outdoor gatherings, picnics, and recreational activities, which, in turn, results in more interactions between dogs and people. Perhaps as temperatures soar, dogs may become more irritable or overstimulated at a park bustling with activity. Dogs can become overwhelmed and may react defensively.

Laws Regarding Dog Bites

In California, you have the right to pursue legal action against the dog owner for the injuries and damages you sustained as a result of a dog bite. The law prioritizes the safety and well-being of the person bitten by a dog. The following laws are in place to protect those who have suffered injuries from a dog attack:


Drinking and Driving Summer Surge

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CA injury lawyerAs the mercury rises and the days grow longer, residents of Los Angeles County are drawn to the allure of summer festivities. With the appeal of outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and beach parties, it is no surprise that alcohol consumption becomes increasingly prevalent. More than half of the accidents occur on urban roads and 73 percent of alcohol-impaired car accidents occur during good weather. In 2021, July was the summer month with the highest number of alcohol-impaired crashes nationwide. As the alcohol flows at summer parties, concerns arise about serious personal injury accidents.

Summer Parties and Alcohol

Summer gatherings can range from casual backyard barbecues to festivals, all of which can likely involve the ingestion of alcoholic beverages. It is no secret that summer parties often extend well into the night, with many attendees opting to drive home after dark. In fact, 67 percent of the crashes in 2021 happened at night. Summer drinking can also lead to trouble at lakes if someone is driving a watercraft or a boat under the influence of alcohol.

Establishing Liability

Experiencing an injury due to a collision involving a drunk driver can be a traumatic and life-altering event. In California, you have the legal right to sue a drunk driver for injuries sustained in a car crash under both personal injury and negligence laws. California follows a fault system for car accidents, which means that the person responsible for causing the accident is liable for the resulting damages. When a drunk driver's negligence leads to an accident, they can be held accountable for the injuries and damages they cause. Here is a closer look at how that may look:


CA injury lawyerNothing beats splashing in the pool during the summertime, especially with scorching temperatures in California. But in a matter of seconds, a slip and fall injury can occur poolside if you or your children are not careful. Approximately 6,400 children younger than 15 years old are rushed to the emergency room every year after suffering a pool and spa injury. Merely running on the wet cement to get in the pool is dangerous. So how can a slip, trip, and fall at the pool become a premises liability claim?

Private Pool vs. Public Pool

If you sustain an injury at a swimming pool in Los Angeles, it could potentially be considered a premises liability claim. If an injury occurred in a private swimming pool, a lawsuit would be filed against the pool owner and their homeowner's insurance if they have a policy that covers accidents that occur in the swimming pool. These lawsuits seek to show that the owner owed those injured at the pool a duty of care, to keep them safe while on their property but failed to do so. If the injury occurred in a public swimming pool, the claim will be filed against a public entity.

Establishing Negligence in a Premises Liability Claim

Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility of a property owner to maintain safe conditions on their premises. In the context of a swimming pool, the owner or operator of the pool has a duty to exercise reasonable care in order to prevent injuries to individuals using the pool and facility. Here are a few ways in which a swimming pool injury could be considered a premises liability claim:


CA injury lawyerThe number of Americans who are 65 years old or older is expected to double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million in 2060. By 2030, more than one million seniors will need help with self-care. That is likely to increase the demand for nursing home care. Regrettably, there is also a staffing shortage at nursing homes across the nation leading to improper supervision and nursing home abuse. If your family member has suffered injuries while being cared for at one of these facilities you have options.

Immediate Actions

If you suspect nursing home abuse of your loved one you need to take immediate action. People who have endured nursing home abuse in California have legal remedies available to seek justice and compensation. They may file a civil lawsuit against the facility or individuals responsible for the abuse.

Adult Protective Services or the local law enforcement agency should be informed. Additionally, documenting any evidence of abuse, including photographs, medical records, and witness statements, can be valuable in supporting an abuse claim. It is advisable to consult with an attorney experienced in elder law or nursing home abuse cases to understand your legal options as it can get complicated.


CA injury lawyerTruck accidents during the summer tend to rise partly because more people hit the road to go on vacation. The peak months are August and September partly because more teen drivers are on the roads during summer break and recreational vehicles are also sharing the highways. Add to the mix the increased number of construction projects during the summer that tend to disrupt traffic. With so many folks on the road, it’s only a matter of time before a collision occurs. At Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. we understand just how devastating truck accidents can be, resulting in death and severe injuries.

Top Reasons for a Spike in Truck Crashes

Here are the top three reasons for more summertime truck accidents:

  • Road construction – Many highways undergo construction in the summer, creating hazards and traffic backups. When truckers and other drivers do not properly anticipate changes ahead in traffic patterns, accidents are likely to happen.
  • Hot temperatures – When the mercury rises so does the tire pressure, leading to blowouts which can cause drivers to lose control. Pieces of the tire can hit other vehicles causing a crash
  • Fatigued driving – Commercial truck drivers are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to keep roads safe but some truckers and their employers like to take advantage of summertime daylight and bypass breaks. That easily leads to truck driver fatigue when drivers are much too tired to operate their trucks safely.


The negligence of truck drivers is often the cause of semi-truck accidents. Because an employer is responsible for injuries caused by their employees during work hours, the trucking company may be held liable for damages. Other parties may also be liable for truck accidents, which is why it is imperative that a skilled attorney help identify all potential sources of compensation that may be available.


IL injury lawyerYou may have seen the headlines in California about electric vehicles suddenly catching on fire. By 2025 one in ten cars will be electric. But firefighters are finding it harder to extinguish fires created by electric car batteries. That is because some 25,000 gallons of water are needed to extinguish a car when it erupts into flames compared to 300 gallons of water for a gas-powered vehicle. While this is not a common occurrence, if it happens to you or a loved one, you may be wondering, who should be held accountable for your personal injuries?

Defective Batteries

When safety measures fail you, you and your loved ones deserve legal representation to attain adequate compensation. If you are injured in an electric car fire, you may have a claim against the car makers and battery manufacturers.

Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used and they are not the same as the traditional lead batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are stronger and can be charged faster. The battery is made up of thousands of cells so when the energy cells are damaged, the battery’s temperature rises to extremely high levels, causing the battery to catch on fire. Most firefighters are not well equipped to carry 25 thousand gallons of water to extinguish the resilient fires created by electric cars.


CA injury lawyerNew technology is causing drivers to become more distracted behind the wheel than ever before. The top distraction is a cell phone and regrettably because of this cell phone addiction highway fatalities are on the rise up 22 percent. Not all distracted driving accidents are fatal, however. Distracted driving injury accidents are actually greater in number. In 2020, nearly 325,000 people were injured in a distracted driving crash. If you are injured in a distracted driving accident you have the right to receive compensation for your injuries.

Multitasking Can Lead to Injury Accidents

An accident can have a devastating impact on the injured person and their family. Some injuries are more severe and require costly medical treatment and families run into financial difficulties if there is a loss of income while treatment and recovery are taking place. There are also other matters involving emotional trauma and enjoyment of life. Under most circumstances, however, collisions are preventable because they often occur when one or more drivers act negligently.

Many people believe they can multitask behind the wheel but that is plain irresponsible. Taking your eyes away from the road for even a second can result in collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. In California, it is against the law to use a cell phone while driving if you are holding the device. A driver under 18 years old is prohibited from using a cell phone at all times. Unfortunately, the latest report includes 2022 survey results that show the following alarming trends:


CA injury lawyerSports activities are important to keep kids healthy and for them to learn about teamwork. However, sports injuries are a reality. In California, when you play sports you are required to sign a waiver thereby assuming the risk of harm. So, if your child is injured while playing soccer you cannot sue the company or the player responsible. But what if the soccer field has gopher holes that can easily twist a player’s ankle or snap a knee? A recent study found that a top reason for soccer player injuries is inadequate sports facilities with soccer athletes suffering the highest rate of injuries. If you have suffered a personal injury due to an improperly maintained field you may have a premises liability case and Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. can help.

School Fields

A school has a duty of care to provide athletes with well-maintained facilities. If a soccer field has any holes in the field that could cause an athlete to trip or worse, break an ankle, it is the obligation of the school to quickly fill those holes. Premises liability laws apply to property owners, business owners, and public parks. The laws are in place so that owners adhere to a legal duty of care and ensure that the premises are safe.

Park Fields and Who Bears Responsibility?

When it comes to public parks it is the responsibility of federal, state, and local government officials to properly maintain those parks depending on who has jurisdiction, to ensure the safety of public park visitors. When a government agency fails to uphold its responsibility to keep park visitors safe, it may be considered negligent. If injuries occur, you may receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You will need to file a claim which can be complicated without the proper legal guidance. Government entities may be entitled to immunity from lawsuits unless certain procedures are followed. Some legal steps must first be taken.


CA injury lawyerA hit-and-run-driver remains at large in Los Angeles County after striking a teenager who ended up losing his right leg. Unfortunately, in the past ten years, the same mile-long stretch of road where the accident occurred has seen more than 225 crashes that have caused nearly 600 injuries or deaths. Just like this teen, many people will face a long recovery, or they may be permanently disabled. As you may imagine, getting used to a new life following an amputation is not easy and the mounting hospital bills can be overwhelming after a pedestrian accident when there is no one to hold accountable. If you have been injured in a hit-and-run accident you have some options to pursue compensation depending on the circumstances.

Hit-and-Run Driver Cannot Be found

In California, you may still be able to seek compensation even when the driver remains unidentified. If the driver is not located you could file a claim against your car insurance policy. You can claim your uninsured or underinsured coverage for bodily injury from a hit-and-run. However, you may not claim property damage if you are unaware of the other driver’s identity.

If you do not have auto coverage you can turn to your health insurance coverage. But it will not pay for any property damage either. A qualified hit-and-run accident attorney can help ensure that you get the maximum compensation available through an insurance claim or a lawsuit.


You may have seen the video of a vehicle as it flies into the air on Interstate 118 in Los Angeles County after being hit by a loose tire from a pickup truck. Research shows that road debris in the United States is a factor in nearly 200,000 car accidents. Each year, road debris results in about 40,000 car accident injuries. With tens of thousands of vehicles on the roads and highways of LA County, accidents are inevitable. But if you have suffered serious injuries you need to know who is liable.

Road Hazards can lead to Damaged Tires

In the recent incident in LA County, the CHP determined that the lug nuts holding the tire in place, sheared off, and led to the tire’s sudden detachment.

Various things could lead to a collision as a result of road hazards including potholes that may puncture a tire. When a tire ruptures, it can cause the driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. Here are the other common reasons why that may occur:


Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury

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CA injury lawyerMarch is brain injury awareness month calling attention to the effects of a traumatic brain injury or TBI. More than five million people in the United States are living with permanent brain injury. That is one in every 60 people. Nearly three million Americans sustain these catastrophic injuries every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that traffic-related crashes are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries.

What Constitutes a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury or TBI is caused by an external force or trauma. A strong impact on the head during a car accident can damage brain tissue which can lead to temporary or permanent problems. Sometimes, the effects of a brain injury do not manifest themselves until weeks or months later. However, someone may feel there is something wrong if they experience chronic headaches, sleeping problems, memory loss, and sensitivity to lights and sounds. Depending on the severity of the initial impact, a person could appear to be fine but have a delayed trauma in which the brain becomes swollen.

Financial Concerns

Brain injuries often require extensive medical treatment. And it goes without saying, but it can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, someone who suffers brain trauma may not be able to work right away, or worse yet, they may suffer permanent disabilities making it impossible to care for themselves or their family. A catastrophic injury quickly becomes a financial concern.


CA injury lawyerBeing in a car accident is not only scary but it can be downright chaotic, especially if it happens on a California freeway. With so many vehicles rushing by it can be difficult to stay composed and impossible if you suffer severe injuries. But an accident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is a key document you will need if you want to file a personal injury claim.

CHP Accident Report

In any car accident, it is very important to determine the cause and identify the responsible parties. Vehicle accidents end up leaving people with expensive medical bills, the inability to work, and in some cases psychological trauma. Under California law, drivers are required to report car accidents involving injuries or death within 24 hours of an accident, to the CHP or their local police department. The easiest way to do this is by calling 911.

Under the law, you must report a car accident involving injuries to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within ten days of the crash. Failure to do so could result in losing your driver’s license. The DMV will suspend your license until you file an accident report. Depending on the circumstances, you may face fines and jail time for not reporting an accident.


CA injury lawyerNursing home residents are the most vulnerable to developing sepsis. This medical condition is all too common in nursing homes due to negligence or abuse. At least 1.7 million adults in America develop sepsis. It is unfortunate because nursing homes are meant to provide medical care and assistance for those who are not able to fully care for themselves. If you or a loved one has suffered nursing home abuse and developed sepsis you may be able to seek compensation.

What is Sepsis?

Virtually any infection, including COVID-19, can lead to sepsis but the elderly are especially susceptible. Sepsis is a life-threatening medical condition that is common among people with a weak immune system. This is a relentless condition that begins as a bacterial infection in the blood and worsens quickly because the body is unable to fend off infections.

The body usually tries to protect itself by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream but when someone has sepsis, there is widespread inflammation, which restricts blood flow. That can result in blood clots and severe organ damage. If it is not treated quickly, the lungs, kidneys, and liver can shut down, leading to septic shock, and in many cases, wrongful death.

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