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7 Tips for Self-Care After a Car Accident

 Posted on July 21, 2022 in Uncategorized

Los Angeles injury lawyerBeing involved in a serious car accident that leaves you injured can be a traumatic experience. The injuries you experienced can take a lot of time and energy - and money - to manage appropriately. You may need to be very patient with your healing. You will need to put the effort into physical therapy to help your injury heal correctly. If you suffered a brain injury, the recovery process may be very difficult on multiple levels. The psychological effects of a major accident can also be harmful. You may experience panic attacks or PTSD symptoms, like having nightmares about the accident or being fixated on it. A lot of people are inclined to rush back into their normal daily activities. However, going back to your usual routine too early can be damaging. An attorney may be able to help ensure that you receive the compensation you need so that you can take this time to focus on your healing. 

Looking After a Physical Injury After a Crash

Pushing yourself too hard or failing to push yourself enough in physical therapy can both be harmful. You can be compensated for medical costs, so there is no reason not to get the proper treatment. Some tips include: 

  • Attend follow-ups - Make sure you go to all the follow-up appointments your doctor recommends. If they would like you to see a specialist, like an orthopedist or neurologist, do so. 

  • Physical therapy - Aside from going to sessions, complete any “homework” they give you. 

  • Devices - If your doctor wants you to wear a brace, use crutches, or keep your arm in a sling, follow their instructions. Trying to use a body part that is injured without protective devices can cause further harm. 

  • Work restrictions - Your doctor may send you to an occupational therapist before returning to work, or they may place restrictions on what activities you can do at work. Use your accommodations. 

Mental Health Tips For Accident Victims

A serious crash can have a noticeable effect on your mental health. Tips for looking after your mental health include: 

  • Seek counseling - Short or long-term counseling can help a lot. 

  • Be kind to yourself - Be as understanding with yourself as you would be with a loved one who had a similar experience. If you need a “mental health day,” take one. 

  • Transportation - Some accident victims experience feelings of panic when driving or riding in a car. Consider using public transportation, or if that is not an option, sitting in the backseat and having someone else drive until you begin to feel safe again.

Contact an L.A. County Car Accident Lawyer

Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. is committed to helping car accident victims recover the compensation they need to recover. Our experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys will fight for you to receive all the funds you are entitled to so that you can move on with your life. Call us at 818-242-8201 for a free consultation. 




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