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Can I Sue for a Dog Bite in California?

 Posted on May 21, 2024 in Personal Injury

Glendale, IL dog bite injury lawyerEvery year, about 4.5 million people in the United States get attacked by a dog. Some of these are minor injuries, but an estimated 800,000 of such people end up seeking medical attention. Most of the time, these injuries consist of puncture wounds to the hands and arms. In some cases, however, dog bites can cause more serious injuries like disfigurement and scarring.

But is the owner of the dog always responsible? This article will discuss how California law views the responsibility of dog owners. As always, it is best to consult a California personal injury lawyer with any legal questions about dog bite injuries.

Is a Dog Owner Liable for Dog Bites?

According to California law, dog owners are strictly liable for damage caused by their dogs. This is true whether or not the dog has shown aggressive behavior before. Even if this is the dog’s first time attacking someone, the owner is still responsible for damages caused by the canine.

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule:

  • The owner is not liable if the dog attacked the victim in a private place where the victim was not allowed to be. If the victim was attacked by the dog while trespassing on the owner’s property, for example, the owner is usually not liable.

  • If the dog attacked while in the service of the police or military and the attack was justified, the government entity is not liable. A justified dog bite would be in response to being provoked, harassed, or annoyed.

  • The owner is not liable if it can be proven that the victim accepted the risk of being bitten by the dog. 

  • The owner may not be liable if it can be proven that the victim is responsible for his or her injuries. 

The One-Bite Rule

Even in these exceptional cases, however, a victim may be able to claim damages by invoking the one-bite rule. The one-bite rule, which is the prevailing law in some states, says that if a dog has bitten someone before, the owner is liable for injuries the dog causes after that. This is because the owner should have taken necessary precautions after the first attack to make sure the dog does not do so again. If he or she did not, then the victim can claim that the owner was negligent.

Contact a Los Angeles County, CA Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

California’s strict liability law means that dog owners are liable for their dogs’ injuries most of the time. But even if you have a strong claim, having the right Glendale, California dog bite injury attorney in your corner can help you get the maximum compensation.

At Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C., we take our clients’ injuries personally. If you have suffered an injury from a dog attack, we will fight vigorously to get you the most compensation possible. Call 818-242-8201 for a free consultation and to start building your case today.

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