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Monetary Compensation for Wrongful Death

 Posted on August 22, 2022 in Wrongful Death

LA county wrongful death lawyerReally, there is no such thing as adequate compensation for the premature loss of a close family member due to another’s negligence. Nothing can replace your loved one or fully repair the emotional harm you are going through. Even so, you may need to pursue compensation to keep your family afloat. You may have medical debts for treatment your family member received before passing away. Or, you may need extensive therapy to help you process this loss. You may also - understandably - want to punish the liable party for being so careless with a human life. Our attorneys can guide you through the entire process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit and fighting for compensation. 

Types of Compensation You Can Recover in a Wrongful Death Action

You are likely noticing all the things you used to rely on your family member for. One of the main goals of recovering compensation in a wrongful death action is to make up for these financial losses. Damages you may be able to recover include: 

  • Lost earnings - If the family member you lost worked to help support your family, you are likely feeling a financial pinch right now. You should not have to endure financial hardship because someone else was careless with your family member’s life. You can recover compensation to make up for their lost earnings equal to the amount they would have earned in their lifetime.

  • Loss of companionship - This type of damage is impossible to quantify. You have lost your loved one’s affection, companionship, and love. You may be able to recover compensation for these deep emotional losses. 

  • Funeral costs - As it is the defendant’s fault that your loved one needs a funeral and burial, they may be required to cover reasonable costs related to the handling of your family member’s remains. 

  • Existing medical costs - Many people who lose their lives in an accident do not pass away at the scene. Instead, they are taken to the hospital, where attempts can be made to save their life. Some accident victims survive in the hospital for weeks before succumbing to their injuries. You can recover the costs of any medical care your family member may have received before passing away. 

Our lawyers can help give you a better understanding of what types of compensation you may be entitled to. 

Speak With an L.A. County Wrongful Death Attorney

Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. understands the difficulties you are facing after losing a loved one, and we are committed to helping people in this situation recover as much compensation as possible. Our compassionate Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers will do everything in our power to get you compensated for every loss. Call us at 818-242-8201 to get started with a free consultation. 




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