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What To Do When Injured in a California Supermarket

 Posted on February 06, 2024 in Premises Liability

Blog ImageA slip-and-fall accident can happen at any time and can cause minor to severe injuries. A supermarket is one such place where slips and falls may occur due to the negligence of staff and management. A grocery store or supermarket is responsible for keeping its customers safe from harm and can be held liable for injuries that occur on the premises. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist in the recovery of damages incurred from a supermarket accident.

Common Supermarket Accidents

Supermarket accidents can happen in several ways, including:

  • Clutter or items left out on the floor

  • Slippery surfaces from spills

  • Products falling from shelves

  • Rogue shopping carts in the parking lot

The supermarket has a duty of care to its customers to keep them safe from dangers that can befall them while on the premises. Thanks to customer-friendly premises liability laws, injured shoppers have the right to seek full compensation for damages.

Recovering Compensation For Supermarket Injuries

An injured customer can file a personal injury claim against the supermarket or grocery store where their injuries occurred. The burden of proof is on the injured person’s shoulders and they would benefit greatly from an experienced attorney who can gather evidence on their behalf.

The following damages are some of what can be compensated:

  • Lost wages and earning potential

  • Medical bills and expenses

  • Pain, suffering, and distress

Steps To Take Following a Supermarket Accident

Immediately upon receiving an injury in a supermarket, the injured person should seek out the manager or ask the nearest employee to retrieve them. The manager should see the incident scene exactly as it is where the injury occurs.

Once the manager has canvassed the scene, ask them for a copy of the incident report. An incident report will include crucial information that can be used as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. The information inside an incident report may include:

  • Date and time of the accident

  • How the accident occurred

  • All of the injured customer's contact information

If the manager insists that incident reports are meant only for the corporate office, remember to inform your attorney. Your attorney will be able to subpoena the store to acquire a copy at a later date should there be a lawsuit.

While the manager is creating the incident report, you should have the time to gather witness contact information. Witnesses can include family and friends who were there as well as employees and other customers who saw the events unfold. Take as many pictures and videos as possible of the scene for photographic evidence that the incident did occur.

The next thing you should do is seek medical attention if necessary. Even if you do not think the injury is major, it could develop problems later on. It is a good idea to have your injuries documented by a physician for use as evidence in a compensation claim.

You can have your lawyer ask for surveillance footage for the date of the incident. It is also a good idea to get the insurance information for the store from the manager. If the manager claims the insurance company will reach out to you, ensure you get the contact details for the store’s corporate office just in case. Get the store owner’s information as well.

Maintain all records and receipts of medical treatments, hospital visits, and any other damages your injuries incur. Everything is likely to be used in your lawsuit.

Contact a Los Angeles County, CA Personal Injury Attorney

You should not proceed with a lawsuit without retaining the services of an experienced Glendale, CA supermarket injury lawyer. The Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. is only one call away for legal representation and advice on the next steps in your situation. Contact the office right away at 818-242-8201 for a free consultation.

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