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Why Verbal Abuse in Nursing Homes is Dangerous

Posted on in Personal Injury

california nursing home abuse lawyerMany Californians trust nursing homes to care for their elderly family members professionally. It is always tragic when a nursing home resident faces any kind of abuse. The dangers of physical abuse or neglect are clear, but verbal abuse is less understood. More elderly persons in nursing homes face verbal abuse than outright physical abuse, and verbal abuse can lead to physical dangers. If you suspect that your loved one is being verbally abused in a nursing home, you should contact an attorney as quickly. An attorney may be able to help you get your loved one to a safer situation and recover financial compensation. 

What Counts as Verbal Abuse of a Nursing Home Resident? 

Verbal abuse coming from a caregiver at a nursing home can be particularly damaging because the caregiver is in a position of authority, and the resident is in a position of reliance. What counts as verbal abuse includes: 

  • Yelling or shouting - Staff should not raise their voices at elderly residents. 

  • Threatening - This includes threats of restraints or force-feeding. 

  • Insults or mocking - No nursing home patient should be mocked for their infirmities or inabilities.

  • Accusations - Staff may blame problems or situations beyond a resident’s control on a resident. 

  • Brushing off concerns - Nursing home staff should always take a resident’s concerns seriously, as trivializing or brushing them off may lead to the concern going unaddressed. 

How Can Verbal Abuse be Dangerous?

A vulnerable nursing home resident may react very differently to verbal abuse than a younger, independent adult. Elderly people who are being verbally abused are more likely to socially withdraw and become less active. Because social activity is so important to nursing home residents, this decreased level of engagement can lead to worsening physical health. Seniors who spend more time alone trying to avoid abusive staff are likely to see their health decline, often rapidly. 

If the problem is that a resident is being mocked for raising a concern, there is a substantial risk that their concern will never be addressed. If a resident is made to feel embarrassed or silly for making a request or bringing up a medical or safety concern, they are likely to simply not mention their concerns in the future. This can lead to a neglectful situation, as a resident who is afraid to bring up their needs may not be adequately cared for in the future. 

Contact an LA County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

If you have suspicions that your family member was verbally abused in a nursing home, you may want to contact a Los Angeles nursing home abuse attorney for them. Your family may be entitled to compensation for physical and emotional injuries and any costs associated with getting your loved one into a safer situation. Tahmazian Law Firm, P.C. is experienced in recovering compensation for victims of nursing home abuse. Call 818-242-8201 for a free consultation. 




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